Cocker Spaniel Graphics BY Barbara

I am always searching the internet for Cocker Spaniel Graphics and after seeing them, I have always wanted to try to make some of my own. I made these Cocker Spaniel graphics below with Paint Shop Pro 7 and 8. I am still learning to use my Paint Shop Pro program but feel free to download them by clicking on the small picture to download the full version and please make a small donation to Castaway Cocker Rescue.

If you would like it personalized with your Cocker Spaniel's picture or kennel name just contact me at   and I will give it a try. If you like the graphic I make you can make a donation to CastAwayCockers Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Graphic below is copyrighted by CastAwayCockers visit their site by clicking on graphic below.

CastAwayCockers rescue


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I have loved and owned Cocker Spaniels for twenty years and I currently have four Cocker Spaniels sharing my life,  Molly, Layla, Tizzy and Katy Rose.

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My girls


Cocker Spaniel Graphics  that you can use or ones I will personalize for you.

click on Individual thumbnail to copy the full size graphic.

Barrel of Cockers

Cocker Kisses

in Hoop

Cockers in locket

I love Cockers

Puppy Breath

cockers in mirror

Cocker mirror dresser

Good Ship Lolly Pop

Cocker gift box

Cocker's in window

Cocker in Balloon

Memorial stone

Cockers in a Bone Box

Cocker in Balloon 2

Cocker kisses from Molly

Kiss me I'm Irish

Sassy Angel

Ginger's Bath

MollyDo Halloween

Pearl Easter

Sam & Cory Easter basket

Molly Easter

Happy Spring girls

Halloween Funny

Layla Stamp

Time Magazine

Gemz cockers bath

Lucy Christmas 2004

Sam & Cory Christmas 2004

Summer Fun girls

Dog gone it be my valentine

Black Cocker hoop

Cocker in bed

dog tag

Dog and Cat clothes basket


Cocker Spaniel backgrounds that I have made that you can use.

Cocker Spaniel Lover webset Cocker Spaniel Lover web set

Click on Cocker below to see some Cocker graphics I have found on the web

cocker in barrel

Here are some links to  WebPages and/or graphics  that I have made, please do not copy these they are copyrighted by the individual owners.

CockerFriends Home page

Gemz Cockers

Gemz Diamond Spicy Affair

My Southern Belles

Jen's softball page

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You can try out the free trial version of PSP for 30 days by clicking on the Paint Shop Pro graphic below to try it yourself. It's fun!
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