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Molly puppyMolly is a Red and White Parti color Cocker Spaniel, registered name
"No Mo Bayou's Miss Molly" born October 19, 1994 in Biloxi, Mississippi however she now lives in Virginia with Tizzy and Layla two buff Cockers and Katy Rose a brown and Tan Cocker.
As a puppy Molly loved the water and boating with us. We would put on her lifejacket and at the lake she would go swimming then climb up on the swim platform to get in the boat then back in the water again.
She loves to sneak out to the garden and steal tomatoes and even dug up her own carrot one year. She also loves fresh veggies and whines for some if we are chopping them up. You can see her jumping up and down outside at the apple and pear trees to see if she can snag some fruit. She loves the summer when she can get all that extra food. She carries a yellow stuffed duck in her mouth when needing security but forgets to remove it when barking. We call her the duck killer, Moo Moo and our delinquent teenager. Molly is just a bundle of energy racing around in our backyard, a true parti Cocker personality. She is really smart having learned as a young puppy how to get her treats from her yuppy puppy treat machine.
See video below.

Baby Molly



Baby Molly in her playpen 1995 Before we knew about crates we used a small baby playpen to raise Molly as a puppy. It kept her safe when we could not keep an eye on her especially since we got her right before Christmas of 94 which is a busy time.


   Is this one mine??
Molly's first Christmas 1994 10 weeks old 
We spent Molly's first Christmas with family who lived out of state, so bringing a puppy that was not housebroken with her playpen worked out real well and kept her safe. Everyone wanted to hold her but even then she wanted to be on the go.


Molly's first Christmas

Molly and Jennifer boating

Swimming is easy with my lifejacket on!
1995 8 months old Molly and niece Jennifer boating.



I heard a squeaker!
Molly in 1997 at 3 years old

Molly 1997

Molly In the snow

Molly in the snow Winter 2000 at 6 years old

Molly with her Ducky and Layla traveling with us in the RV. They love getting up on the flat dash so that they can check out everything.

Molly and Layla RV


Molly ducky

Molly went to the Rainbow Bridge July 25, 2007
These two yahoo canine groups helped us fight her liver disease for one year
when her vets gave us no hope for her.
She is greatly missed.

Yahoo Groups Canine liver support

Yahoo Groups canineliver-d

See Molly's Memorial video below


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